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TotalCom® Mobility Management empowers mobility

TCS TotalCom® Mobility Management (TMM) enables the widespread benefit of today’s extensive mobility capability with the privacy and security required to keep individuals and enterprises safe from threat.

Facilitating this integration and security is the TCS TotalCom Mobility Management Portal, a single integrated tool providing a flexible, browser-based interface for device management, ordering, expense management, reporting, mobile applications access, and help desk support. The TCS-exclusive line integration between Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Telecom Expense Management (TEM) provides unique value as it offers full lifecycle management of an agency’s mobility workforce.

  • MDM

    Mobile Device Management

    TCS combines enhanced security features including remote lock and wipe and mobile VPN, thorough policy enforcement capabilities, containerization and secure content locker file sharing and management, with robust application management, scalability and monitoring to ensure compliance and security across multiple devices and operating systems.

    Full Suite of Secure Management Services

    • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
    • Mobile Application Management (MAM)
    • Mobile Application Store (MAS)

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  • TEM

    Telecom Expense Management

    The TCS TEM solution TEM solution provides continual cost allocation optimization analysis enabling significant cost savings. Users have access to robust reports to facilitate budget and spending tracking. TEM inventory management provides procurement and inventory control.

    Cost Management Efficiency

    • Order Management
    • Asset Management
    • Expense Management

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  • MASec

    Mobile Application Security

    TCS’ MASec establishes a Trusted Mobile Application Ecosystem with comprehensive planning, analysis, testing, protective action, validation, monitoring and training to ensure a proactive approach to security mitigation. MASec trusted application testing is a rigorous combination of threat modeling, risk assessment, code-based fault injection, penetration cases, trust boundaries mapping, and code review.

    Trusted Mobile Application Ecosystem

    • OTT Applications
    • Trusted Ecosystem Services
    • TCS Trusted MAS

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  • MI

    Mobility Infrastructure

    TCS Mobility Infrastructure ensures wireless connection anytime, anywhere, from In-Building Wireless solutions to the SwiftCell™ completely self-contained cellular network or network extension, and the power of hosted and cloud services.

    Managed Mobility Services are available with any TCS or customer infrastructure including:

    • In Building Wireless (IBW)
    • SwiftCell Network Extension
    • Managed Services
    • Hosted VAR
    • Hosted MDM/TEM

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