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Enterprise Security & Protection™ - ESP

Critical asset protection is a growing challenge for enterprises, made more complex by distributed architectures, the use of edge devices, and the human element. Facing a vast array of new and evolving cyber threats, organizations require advanced persistent defense against malicious attacks, to ensure the security and resilience of their networks, and to protect their critical business assets.

TCS offers Enterprise Security & Protection (ESP), an integrated, end-to-end suite of scalable security applications and services to safeguard enterprises against criminals they can't see.

Elite cyber protection to safeguard critical business assets against Advanced Persistent Threats

ESP Solution Portfolio

  • Assess

    Identifies vulnerabilities exploitable by potential adversaries, provide comprehensive reports, and recommend countermeasures and corrective actions

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  • Protect

    Implements and Executes Protective Actions: Policies, Firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)/Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), Virus/Adware/Malware Scanners; Verify Protection Schema
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  • Validate

    Examines ability of systems to endure deliberate penetration attempts (internal and external) to bypass security; this consists of an Open Source Evaluation, Network Discovery, and Penetration Tests.
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  • Monitor

    Provides persistent, subscription-based monitoring service for continued real-time protection: detect quickly to limit the impact of an attack; leverages TCS' ISO and TL certified NOC
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  • Train

    Multi-level, hands-on cyber security training suite, applying an offensive mindset to security training; includes mobile training capability. Penetration Testing, Intrusion Detection, Reverse Engineering, Information Assurance, Forensics
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Enterprise Security & Protection

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A Survey of Published Attacks Against Machine-to-Machine Devices, Services, and Infrastructure. Part 1: Devices

A Survey of Published Attacks Against Machine-to-Machine Devices, Services, and Infrastructure.  Part 1: Devices
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