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Art of Exploitation: Powered by TCS

The Art of Exploitation (AoE™), is a premier Cybersecurity Training and Professional Services portfolio within TeleCommunication Systems, Inc.'s (TCS) Cyber Intelligence Group. AoE™ training is designed to equip computer network operators and analysts with the required technical skills to protect critical business information and infrastructure. The AoE services team is a trusted partner to test the resilience of your IT infrastructure, identify vulnerabilities or weaknesses, and provide guidance and remediation to help secure your critical data.

Our team of cybersecurity instructors and technicians consists of subject matter experts with a foundation of over ten years of experience in cyber operations, protecting critical information services and systems. It is with this rich experience that we offer elite cybersecurity training, solutions, and guidance to the enterprise.

AoE’s mission is to provide premier cybersecurity training, solutions, and guidance to help defend critical information infrastructures against a growing cyber threat.

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