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TCS: Experts in Critical Continuity

Advances in technology applications have us operating 24/7. And the same non-stop world that requires top-level performance demands we stay productive in the face of a host of threats. These can come from anywhere and can occur at any time: a massive power outage, a hacker or terrorist attack, a pandemic, or an extreme weather event. What determines which organizations will survive and which will fail?

Simply put, a strong organization with the right continuity capability solution. Also known as Continuity of Operations (COOP), the TCS continuity solution has the proven continuity capability solutions that can help you plan, react, and adapt to almost every kind of disruption and emergency.

Currently serving the U.S. Department of Defense and U.S. Army throughout the National Capital Region, including the Pentagon, we've based the TCS solution on the principle of delivering capability on day one. Our extensive hands-on experience enables us to quickly deliver solutions that provide real capability the moment an emergency event occurs.

TCS Continuity Capability: Strong Fundamentals

TCS builds its continuity solution on a strong foundation of continuity planning and program management designed to uphold the four key components, or pillars, that support your organization. The Homeland Security Council's National Continuity Plan Implementation document outlines these pillars as

  • Planning and program management
  • Leadership and staff
  • Facilities
  • Communications and technology

We have designed the TCS continuity solution to strengthen these pillars in the event of an emergency or disaster:

  • Planning and program management
    The first key element of your organization is it's planning and program management. Accordingly, our continuity solution provides certified continuity program managers, continuity planners, continuity plans, and continuity planning software. These resources can help you start, improve, or sustain the organizational structure that supports all components of your continuity program.
  • Leadership and staff
    The heart of your organization is it's team, it's people. That's why we provide proven solutions for protecting your people from the moment a disaster occurs—and even before. In order to secure the leadership and staff of your organization, our continuity plans include shelter-in-place kits, go kits, emergency escape masks, and emergency response kits.
  • Facilities
    Your organization's third critical element is its facilities. TCS has extensive experience developing and implementing comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plans, including hot, warm, and cold sites that provide for the safety of personnel and the protection, availability, and recovery of mission-critical assets and information. Some of our strategies include alternate work sites, in-building wireless technology, satellite communications and data links, and tele-work capability.
  • Communications and technology
    The final pillar of your organization is communications and technology. Our team of continuity professionals helps you stay communicating during and after a disaster through the quick provision of continuity communications centers, survivable communications networks, automated emergency alerts and mass notification systems, handheld communications, mobile IT kits, and satellite solutions.
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