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TCS Continuity Alert System 

Alert thousands immediately during an emergency or other time-sensitive situation. The TCS Continuity Alert System, powered by TCS' Send Word Now™, provides on-demand alerting and response services for effective communication to ensure continuity during critical events.

The TCS Continuity Alert System, previously marketed as the TCS COOP Alerts System, simplifies the complexity of communication and continuity in times of crisis. This simple yet functionally rich, multi-modal emergency communications technology provides Web-based services that deliver messages quickly and efficiently in seconds.

Functional Highlights

Easy use: Designed with the chaotic nature of emergency circumstances in mind, keeping it simple and easy to use is a top priority. In a crises situation, you'll never have to worry about who is trained to use the system.

Multi-modal messaging: Voice and/or text messages are delivered in real-time to a multitude of contact points, such as mobile phone, landline, e-mail, SMS text message, BlackBerry® PIN, pager text message, etc.

Message delivery status reporting: Getting the message out is the primary goal in any emergency. The TCS Continuity Alert System provides users with the status of who received the message, and provides methods to track their responses, all within a centralized dashboard.

Dynamic conference bridging: Critical information is delivered instantly, allowing thousand of recipients to instantly bridge into a conference call for improved collaboration and response.

Global Short Messaging Service (SMS) text messaging: The TCS Continuity Alert System is one of only a few emergency notification solutions that doesn’t rely on simple SMTP message delivery. By leveraging true international SMS protocols, your messages receive the highest priority for delivery across every major wireless carrier in the world.

Integrated incident management service: Seamless integration with the TCS Continuity Alert System Incident Management Systems allows teams to send and receive detailed voice and text notifications and automatic alerts regarding new crisis situations, newly assigned tasks, resource requests, and more.

Multiple access points: Critical situations don’t wait for you to get a computer. Key notification functionality is accessible via the Palm, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile operating systems.

An Established Track Record

Built by a team with a combined 75 years of telecommunications and security experience, the TCS Continuity Alert System has proven indispensable to leading Fortune 500 firms and major government agencies. Before creating the TCS Continuity Alert System, this team of telecommunications experts listened carefully to the needs of emergency managers across the globe. The result? The TCS Continuity Alert System—a simple, dynamic coordination technology.

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