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Comtech Telecommunications delivers text-to-911 service to more than 500 public safety answering points across 35 states.

Proven Industry Excellence

When it comes to Text-to-911, Comtech Telecommunications is exceptionally qualified for the job. As both the pioneer in E9-1-1 and the North American leader in text messaging, we have the proven performance and unparalleled experience that make us the company you trust when it matters most.

Comtech Telecommunications solution, called SMS9-1-1 enables every PSAP to receive text messages from wireless subscribers, regardless of the PSAP’s level of technology. The Comtech Telecommunications SMS9-1-1 service follows the ATIS/TIA J-STD-110 standard. We provide three service delivery methods for PSAPs, and include automatic national bounce back messages for subscribers who cannot reach a serving PSAP from their location.

Key Features

  • Service delivery options:
    • Legacy Support for TTY
    • Transitional support IP-enabled PSAPs through the GEM9-1-1® secure web based client
    • NG/i3 support via SIP SIMPLE MSRP for PSAPs who have already moved to a NG infrastructure
  • Manages text messages as a session, providing complete text session management for the PSAP
  • Full location determination support, which provides location with the text session
  • Hosted in a geo-redundant, TL9000 certified data center
  • Admin tool for adding/managing Policy Routing Function rules to control and handle incoming text messages

PSAP Options

Select a tab below to learn more about each option.

  • Legacy TTY Service

    The Comtech Telecommunications SMS9-1-1 fully supports a text to TTY dynamic live conversion, which allows PSAPs to continue using their existing CPE equipment for interacting with the public’s text messaging. This service treats text messaging as existing TTY traffic.

    Key Benefits

    • Utilizes PSAP’s existing TTY equipment, requiring no install for the PSAP
    • Provides TTY dialog control on behalf of the wireless subscriber who is simply text messaging
    • Follows the same trunking path that voice calls follow today
    • Presented as a session to the PSAP personnel who still control the life of the session through existing known controls
  • Transitory IP-based PSAPs – GEM9-1-1® Service

    The GEM9-1-1 service is a secure web-based service that allows the IP-enabled PSAP to easily deploy and utilize the service through their internet connection. This allows for multiple-PSAP personnel management of incoming text sessions and visualization of the location of the wireless subscriber on a graphical map.

    GEM911 Screenshot - Click to enlarge

    Comtech Telecommunications' GEM9-1-1 web-based client provides a complete feature-rich interface for the PSAP call taker to receive and response to text messages. The GEM9-1-1 client allows for all the PSAP call takers to interact and manage incoming text messages in an easy to manage system.

    Key Features

    • Automatic location determination, delivered with text session
    • Secure web based service
    • Allows for the entire PSAP to view and interact with all text sessions for ease of text volume management
    • Time stamp and PSAP personnel/phone number in each message for clear identification
    • Automatic location determination that is delivered with text session
    • Visual bread crumb feature to show the wireless subscriber’s movement
    • PSAP to PSAP transfer capability
    • Graphical map for location visualization
  • NG – i3 SIP SIMPLE MSRP Service

    The Comtech Telecommunications SMS9-1-1 service provides PSAPs who have already migrated to a NG environment a path to receive text messages in an integrated fashion to an ESInet using the NENA standard for SIP SIMPLE MSRP.

    Comtech Telecommunications provides full location and text session management support using i3 so PSAPs who have migrated to NG can still get the same feature-rich support for text to 9-1-1 support to fully integrate into existing CAD, reporting and logging systems.

    Key Benefits

    • Full ESInet integration
    • Follows NENA i3 standards
    • Allows for full integration into existing CPE, CAD, Logging and reporting services

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Sales inquires outside the US:

  • EMEA: +34 677 595 420
  • Carib. & Latin Am. +1 703.727.1995
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