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VoIP E9-1-1 NENA i2-based Service (LivewirE9-1-1®)

LivewirE9-1-1® Call Routing Engine

Today, millions of subscribers use VoIP service, and the numbers are growing rapidly. By FCC mandate, VoIP service providers (VSPs) must establish E9-1-1 service before activation.

Due to technical limitations, however, VSPs are often forced to use cumbersome legacy provisioning processes and E9-1-1 call routing infrastructure. This in turn demands that they perform address validation against somewhat cryptic MSAG data and record provisioning processes. This process adds significant time to activation and often causes subscribers to cancel service requests.

Ultimately, legacy processes and infrastructure continue to burden a system that is not structured to process activation efficiently.

Award-Winning E9-1-1 Service for VSPs

LivewirE9-1-1® is an award-winning NENA standards-compliant i2 9-1-1 platform that enables VSP’s such as carriers, cable MSOs, and aggregators to provide reliable emergency services to their subscribers.

Comtech TCS has been active in this space since 2004 when we were the first entity to commercially launch VoIP enhanced 9-1-1 services nationally, under our LivewirE9-1-1 brand.

LivewirE9-1-1 provides call-routing and assures the identity and location of the subscriber. The result? Prompt and accurate emergency dispatch to the PSAP nearest the caller’s location whether it’s a provisioned address, a Wi-Fi/WiMAX hotspot, a point on a geodetic grid, a telematics-equipped automobile, or a satellite phone.

Simple, Accurate, Transparent Data Provisioning

LivewirE9-1-1 gives VSPs the ability to automate most of the exhaustive data provisioning activity while ensuring the data’s accuracy and integrity. LivewirE911 also gives VSPs access to real-time provisioning and validation of subscriber and address information. The platform’s rich web-based interface ensures data transparency and enables real-time data management.

LivewirE9-1-1 is an award-winning NENA standards compliant i2 9-1-1 platform that enables you to provide highly reliable emergency services to your subscribers. (Click image to enlarge)

Common Call Control

LivewirE9-1-1 also provides a common call control interface for static, nomadic and mobile routing capabilities. The common call control architecture is the preferred method to determine routing of E9-1-1 calls for any service provider as it does not limit a provider to a particular type of use and reduces the amount of network configuration needed by the network provider.

Key Features and Benefits



Supports static, nomadic, and mobile subscribers

Makes call processing efficient

Real-time address validation and MSAG identification capabilities

Improves order velocity by removing 9-1-1 from the critical path.

Non-native telephone number pANI assignment for mobile and nomadic subscribers

Eliminates multiple ALI and LEC listings and simplifies provisioning and routing

Real-time universal provisioning and location validation interface for static, nomadic, and mobile subscribers

Ensures efficient call processing

Customized ALI data for customer and service providers

Enables you to specify relevant data and unique preferences to PSAPs

NENA i2 SIP-based interface

Means you won’t require development in order to activate the routing interface with Comtech TCS

Rich GUI-based web-portal for data management

Enables 9-1-1 analysts to manage subscriber data in real time

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