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Providing enhanced features to Text-to-911

Comtech Telecommunications’ EMedia™ solution gives a 9-1-1 authority the ability to enhance the SMS to 9-1-1 service being offered by Tier 1 carriers today. The carrier-provided service lacks capabilities that are commonplace to a public safety entity, such as language translations, advanced reporting, and logging. Comtech Telecommunications’ EMedia service aggregates all SMS to 9-1-1 traffic from multiple wireless carriers and Text Control Centers (TCC) vendors into a single interface to the PSAP. The EMedia architecture offers a common interface to the PSAP regardless of the number of wireless carriers or TCC vendors. EMedia is fully compliant with ATIS/JSTD-110 standard text delivery methods.

Nearing 400 deployments of SMS to 9-1-1 service in the U.S. to date, Comtech Telecommunications is the market leader. We have the experienced teams who will implement, train, and provide ongoing service to your PSAP, so the transition is seamless. Trust the company that was first and continues to lead in SMS to 9-1-1.

Benefits and Features

  • Fully integrated with all TCCs
  • Aggregation of all texts to 911
  • Complete on-demand session-by-session transcripts
  • Conversation history and logging records
  • J-STD-110 compliant
  • Full support of MSRP enabled CPE
  • Full web portal to web portal transferring
  • Aggregated reporting powered by market leading ECaTS™
  • Integrated maps with precise location available (based on carrier location availability)
  • Fully geo-redundant environment
  • Currently support more than 10 million US citizens today
  • Full session and service control through a robust administrative portal

EMedia vs. Carrier Services

EMedia Carrier Service
Carrier and TCC Aggregation
J-STD-110a Compliant
Aggregated Reporting
Advanced Reporting

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