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EMedia™ - Providing SMS9-1-1 and NG9-1-1 services today.

TCS’ EMedia™ solution gives a 9-1-1 authority the ability to aggregate all SMS to 9-1-1 traffic from multiple wireless carriers and TCC vendors into a single transitional web interface, a single peering relationship for ESInets within the authority, or a single Legacy TTY connection to the selective router.

The EMedia architecture offers a common interface to the PSAP regardless of the number of wireless carriers or TCC vendors. EMedia is built entirely using NENA i3 elements adapted for use by non-voice media. EMedia is also fully compliant with ATIS/JSTD-110 standard text delivery methods. EMedia enables PSAPs to test their selected text interface once and then add additional carriers seamlessly without requiring additional testing. The design and functional components inherent to EMedia provide an easy transition into a robust and standards compliant ESInet, with support for voice and various types of multimedia.

TCS EMedia Solutions diagram

Benefits and Features

  • Provides a foundation for an easy transition into a robust ESInet with support for text and multimedia communication.
  • Aggregates all SMS to 9-1-1 traffic from multiple wireless carriers and TCC vendors.
  • Delivers a single PSAP User Interface for text-to-911.
  • Manages the interfaces to the selective router for delivery to the PSAP over TTY.
  • Manages a single interface to ESInets in the served area.
  • Authorities interact with a single vendor in lieu of multiple carriers and TCC vendors.
  • Supports any ATIS compliant text-enabled CPE interface.
  • Supports transfer of text sessions between different interfaces.
  • Integrates with CAD and recording systems.
  • Compliant with the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) i3 standard.
  • TCS is a co-creator of the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS)/JSTD-110 standard.
  • Supports the efficient training of PSAP resources across multiple wireless carriers.
  • Shortens test and turn-up time for text interfaces at individual PSAPs for multiple carriers.
  • Provides usage reporting.

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