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Customer Information Portal

AXIS Customer Information Portal

The difference between 9-1-1 success and failure is a matter of life and death. So it’s no wonder that an area of special concern for cellular carriers and VoIP and digital phone service providers is trouble-shooting customer 9-1-1 issues and resolving them as rapidly—and accurately—as possible.

The Comtech TCS AXIS Customer Information Portal is an on-demand web-based reporting tool that provides secure and convenient access to a variety of standardized and configurable reports and transaction query interfaces related to E9-1-1 service. The Comtech TCS AXIS Customer Information Portal is the most comprehensive E9-1-1 reporting service in the industry.

By using reports generated by the AXIS Customer Information Portal, you as a service provider can catch and correct errors quickly by leveraging real-time on-demand reporting tools. And as a result, you provide improved customer troubleshooting capabilities, improve customer 9-1-1 call service, and save lives.

Secure and Convenient Portal Access

Using a standard web browser, your 9-1-1 support staff can access the AXIS Customer Information Portal securely and conveniently. The portal provides convenient, menu-driven access to reports and data records.

Standard and Daily Reporting

The AXIS Customer Information Portal gives you access to daily snapshots of transactions from your network occurring on your Comtech TCS-hosted system. Available report categories include:

  • Call metrics (e.g., quality, volume)
  • System performance
  • PSAP requests for service
  • PSAP deployment
  • Trouble tickets
  • Provisioned call routing and cell site parameters

Customer Information Portal

The AXIS Customer Information Portal allows you to catch and correct errors quickly and efficiently by using powerful reporting tools. (Click image to enlarge)

Some of the most commonly used reports are as follows:

  • MPC Snapshot Report: Provides a near real-time on-demand view of cell site sector routing, addressing, and signaling information as provisioned on the Comtech TCS MPC.
  • Call Quality Summary Report: Gives high-level call quality metrics that describe the service you receive from Comtech TCS. Stats include daily totals and the past two weeks of data.
  • Call Quality Report Wizard: Generates highly detailed and customizable call-quality reports by switch, date, month, range, or quarter. Reports include:
    • Call Quality Report: Provides a summary report at the switch or provider level drawing on a collection of data from all other available reports.
    • Specific error reports: Provides per-call details for each error, allowing errors that are reported in the Call Quality Report to be researched in specific error reports.
  • Problem Switch Report: Provides an overview of the switches in the network, allowing you to see which switches may need attention. Details which switches have the greatest quantity and highest percentage of data failures, route failures, and default routes.
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