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Connected Mobility

Cisco Technology

Connecting What Matters

Comtech Telecommunications Connected Mobility Solutions securely connect vehicles, people, cameras and other sensors to enhance situational awareness and improve response efforts beyond what has ever been imaginable.

Connected Mobility Features

Comtech Telecommunications leverages best-in-class technology partners, such as Cisco to:

Photo: Top of emergency vehicle with police in the background
  • Securely extend Public Safety enterprise networks and applications to first responders
  • Enable broadband connectivity for first responders over ANY network, including public safety LTE networks, commercial cellular networks, Wi-Fi networks and satellite networks
  • Securely connect an emerging ecosystem of “Internet of Things” sensors and cameras back to the Public Safety enterprise

With Comtech Telecommunications Connected Mobility, first responders have instant access to real-time information that enables the mission.

Police officer using laptop inside vehicle
  • Police officers receive and update CAD incident information electronically from their patrol cars and handheld devices.
  • Background checks and license plate look-ups are performed in real-time from up-to-date databases.
  • Paper processes, such as citations, are replaced by electronic automated ones.
  • Video can be viewed and shared in the field and video evidence uploads are automated.
  • Police commanders have a common operating picture view of their resources, their locations and activities in the field.

Comtech Telecommunications TotalCom Services

Comtech Telecommunications brings proven, technology problem-solving expertise to its professional service and network management service offerings for the public and private sectors. From information assurance and cyber security to life cycle and integrated logistics support, we solve the world’s toughest technical challenges—all under conditions that demand the highest level of reliability, availability, and security.

We are also a major supplier of public safety solutions to public safety access points (PSAPs), delivering these life-saving services, which include E9-1-1, E1-1-2, and NG9-1-1, at both the state and local levels.

Comtech Telecommunications has an established history over the past decade as a trusted partner to federal agencies of the U.S. Departments of Defense (DoD), Homeland Security, and State as well as the special operations and intelligence communities.

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