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9-1-1 Call Center Service

TRC™: Comtech Telecommunications Response Center

By law, every 9-1-1 call that originates from VoIP users must have its precise location of origin validated by an APCO-trained and -certified public safety services provider. Usually these calls are automatically routed to the appropriate PSAP or other emergency responder. In some cases, however, a VoIP call for emergency services can’t be automatically traced to a precise geographical address. Consequently the call can’t be routed appropriately to the right PSAP.

By law, the burden to route VoIP 9-1-1 calls, even the ones that defy automatic routing, falls on you—the VSP or digital phone service provider that facilitates the call. The question is: How will you handle them?

Call Delivery Backup for VSPs

Staffed by APCO-trained and -certified professionals, the Comtech Telecommunications Response Center (TRC™) is an emergency call center service offered to VSP’s who need an added level of call delivery backup. The TRC takes subscriber calls for emergency assistance that do not successfully route through the normal call flow.

As a 9-1-1 call center that is capable of providing nationwide 9-1-1 dispatch, the TRC ensures that you have a safety net for calls that need human hand-holding in the event that they cannot be automatically routed.

Types of Calls Routed to the TRC

The types of calls that are routed to the TRC are determined by an agreement between you and us. Representative scenarios in which calls are routed to the TRC are as follows:

  • The PSAP that serves the subscriber’s routing address does not accept VPC-routed calls.
  • System problems at the VSP or Comtech Telecommunications cause the calls to be routed to the TRC as a fallback.
  • The Comtech Telecommunications subscriber database does not have a usable address for the subscriber.
  • The VSP arranged with Comtech Telecommunications for a particular type of call-for example, calls from a certain region—to be routed to the TRC.

TRC Advantages

The advantages that the TRC offers to VSP’s and digital phone providers are considerable:

  • Operates one of the largest VoIP 9-1-1 call-routing dispatch centers in North America
  • All call-takers are APCO trained and certified
  • Is connected to multiple telephone companies for redundant feeds
  • Supports TTY and 170 different languages
  • Features geographic redundancy
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