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Secure Enterprise Messaging Center

The Secure Enterprise Messaging Center takes our Enterprise Messaging Center solution one step further. This integrated two-way messaging solution enables secure, streamlined communication with employees, customers and partners. As organizations across all industries increasingly require secure communication technology to protect critical information, there is strong and growing demand for a trusted messaging solution that meets and exceeds compliance standards such as HIPAA, FIRNA and SOX. TCS’ SEMC secures both inbound and outbound messages and handles authentication, encryption and message delivery.

Benefits & Features

  • Provides a FIPS compliant cloud-based, one-to-many communication solution, capable of integrating with multiple protocols, for any carrier, enterprise, employee or consumer – anywhere and anytime.
  • Client-to-server encryption never exposes messages during operations, administration and management activities.
  • Provides encryption and multi-factor authentication with mobile device state and location for added security.
  • Secure Enterprise Messaging Center seamlessly integrates with existing pager, email and patient care portal systems.
  • Web-messaging portal enables users to upload and manage groups and contacts, provision users and send messages to nearly limitless group sizes with comprehensive reporting and tracking.

Utilizing TCS’ Secure Enterprise Messaging Center, you benefit from TCS’ twenty five years of providing mission critical and secure communications for troops in the field and the experience that comes from being the leading provider of text messaging in the United States.

For more information regarding TCS’ Secure Enterprise Messaging Center, call us at +1 800.557.5869 or download the Secure Messaging brochure.

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