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TCS Message Notification Center

TCS' Message Notification Center (MNC) extends wireline voicemail alerts to mobile devices. MNC provides a vital service for businesses and consumers, sending non-intrusive SMS notifications to wireless devices whenever a message is left on a customer's landline phone.

Key Benefits:

  • Appeals to both consumer and corporate market
  • Alerts shorten response times, improving customer satisfaction
  • Eliminates the need to carry a pager and a cell phone
  • Simple, one-button reply with embedded callback
  • Drives subscribers toward higher rate plans
  • Increases SMS volume and average revenue per user (ARPU)
  • Centralizes notifications for multiple voicemail systems
  • Provides multiple levels of security to combat fraud and spam

"The changing face of how employees work makes Office Message Alert [provided by TCS' MNC] a natural complement and integral part of voicemail. With more workers telecommuting, traveling or otherwise out of the office, being connected to voicemail is fundamental to doing business."  
John Comisky, Verizon Wireless VP of Marketing Operations.




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  • Africa & Mid. East +971 50.659.0847
  • Carib. & Latin Am. +1 703.727.1995
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