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Trusted Location

Accurate mobile device location provides financial firms, online gaming companies, and other organizations a powerful tool for identifying and preventing fraud. Comtech Telecommunications’ Trusted Location can verify and validate a device’s location nearly anywhere in the world. In near real time, it can determine a devices location using a unique and patented set of libraries which leverage cellular, satellite, Wi-Fi and other data sets.

This library set can either be integrated into an existing client application or be packaged as a standalone application. Unlike other mobile location services, Trusted Location is not dependent on carrier networks and delivers the same reliable locations, anywhere in the world. In addition, Trusted Location algorithms calculate a “Trust Score” to report back the level of certainty associated with the location and authenticity.

Whether it is credit card security, Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) or cross-border compliance for online gaming, there are many instances when Trusted Location can help prevent fraud and theft.

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  • Enables your location-aware applications to receive precise device location information
  • Device location data can be stored for future evaluation
  • Supports automatic periodic location updates, as well as on-demand location requests
  • Self-registering, so you know which devices have the libraries installed
  • Provides SUPL-equivalent functionality without carrier dependencies
  • Deployable globally as either a cloud service, or on premise
  • Easily integrates and is configurable to meet your needs

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