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Inclined Orbit

SwiftLink® Inclined Tracking Terminal

The SwiftLink® Inclined Tracking Terminal is an upgrade option to the existing Comtech Telecommunications SNAP VSAT  product family. It provides users the capability to track inclined orbit satellites up to 15 degrees. A field-tested solution, the Inclined Tracking Terminal uses the latest in tracking software and takes advantage of a small hardware upgrade to existing fielded SNAP VSAT terminals in order to provide secure IP connectivity to SIPR/NIPR or other classified networks through HAIPE encryption.

By using inclined orbit satellites, the Inclined Tracking Terminal is the lowest cost SATCOM solution available today. Plus, it extends satellite coverage into other geographical areas and provides additional bandwidth where existing requirements are not being fulfilled.

Key Benefits

The SwiftLink Inclined Tracking Terminal offers a number of important benefits:

  • Provides a simple upgrade to our field-proven SNAP VSAT systems
  • Expands coverage within bandwidth constrained AOR
  • Enables lower cost SATCOM solution
  • Provides a true end-to-end SATCOM solution

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SwiftLink® Inclined Tracking Terminal
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