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Very-Small-Aperture Terminals (VSATs)

Comtech Telecommunications has updated our VSAT family of products with the revolutionary land and maritime quad band Ultra, offering auto acquire and high speed tracking with terminal sizes ranging from 85cm to 1.3m. Explore Comtech Telecommunications’ full line of Satellite Communications offerings:

Multiband SATCOM Antenna Systems

The multiband feed uses Comtech Telecommunications' patented approach of broadband, coaxial circular waveguide with independent antenna cavities for each band. These cavities are modular and independent of the other cavities and can be configured in various frequency ranges to provide coverage in diverse frequency bands from Commercial L, S, C, Ku, and Ka-bands, to Military X, Ka, and Q-bands. Some of the possible combinations that Comtech Telecommunications has developed include C/Ku, X/Ku/Ka, Ku/Ka, and X/Ka bands. The C/X/Ku Tri-band achieved Intelsat certification in G (C-band) and E1 (Ku-band) in 2000. The C/Ku configuration achieved Intelsat certification of H3 (C-band) and E1 (Ku-band) in 2005. X/Ka achieved DSCS certification in 2007.

By combining multiple frequency bands into a single feed system, one antenna can now do the job of many. Reduced real estate, reduced O&M costs, and increased frequency flexibility are but a few of the benefits provided by this technology. Frequency diversity on a single antenna system allows cross-banding where operational and environmental requirements allow.

In addition to multiple frequency bands, independent polarization outputs from the same feed can be configured from each band thus providing an antenna system that is easily adapted to the user’s satellite of choice. Satellite systems which support multiple bands can benefit from using a single feed to service multiple signals, simultaneously.

Features and benefits
  • Concentric circular waveguide feeds
  • Single focal point for each band
  • Coincidental phase centers for each band
  • Equivalent pattern performance in each band
  • Each band has its own autonomous cavity (antenna)
  • Inherent isolation between bands
  • The intrinsic geometric form provides a design that can be extended up or down in frequency
  • Simultaneous operation across multiple bands, independent of band configuration

Multiband Flyaway

The terminal is designed to provide worldwide, continuous full-duplex data communications in a compact light weight rugged flyaway package. The system is designed to provide two simultaneous carriers on two separate frequency bands per satellite capability, C and Ku-band or X and Ka-band.

Features and benefits
  • Single Multiband feed provides simultaneous frequency band coverage in one terminal - Dual-band (C/Ku or X/Ka) and Quad-band (C/Ku and X/Ka) configurations available
  • Low cross-pol, high-efficiency antenna systems
  • Composite reflector with or without motorization kit
  • Transit case mounted multi-band electronics suite
  • Quad-band terminal configuration fits into 20 transit cases
  • Meets DSCS, Intelsat, Eutelsat requirements - Certifications: Intelsat H3 (C-Band) and E1 (Ku band); Americom GS; DSCS
  • Full monitor and control software suite available
  • Optional Tracking system available

Learn more about our Multiband SATCOM Antenna Systems and Multiband Flyaway.

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