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Lynx: Advanced Networking Powered by Cisco Technology

The Internet of Everything (IoE) is transforming how government and industries operate. Comtech Telecommunications IoE solutions securely connect people and things to enhance situational awareness and improve response efforts beyond what has ever been imaginable.

Comtech Telecommunications Lynx routers enable IoE with flexible wireless networking capabilities. Lynx routers support extended and advanced LTE broadband and mobile networking and application needs for a broad range of mobile platforms for remote field location missions and across wide geographic areas, allowing the user to:

  • Connect devices using LTE, MANET, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Aggregate data from sensors, smart devices and cameras
  • Perform real time analysis

Using Cisco technology for the best-in-class security and management capabilities, Lynx Routers enable the sharing of real time information from streaming video, remote sensors and handheld devices to:

  • Track assets
  • Expose threats
  • Increase efficiency
  • Verify compliance with laws and regulations

Our Lynx solutions provide mission critical communications for mobile platforms supporting public safety, defense, law enforcement, border patrol and commercial industries such as oil and gas, mining, utilities, energy, and transportation.

Public Safety: The police cruiser and other emergency vehicles have become the IoE hub for incident response. Lynx routers connect vehicle systems such as in-vehicle video and computing back to command and provide a tactical WiFi network for response resources on the scene. Lynx supports carrier 3G and 4G networks and municipal WiFi networks today and is FirstNet ready.

Transportation: Train and bus passengers are demanding WiFi service for smart devices on their commutes. At the same time, passenger safety is critical to maintain. Transit operators need to keep tabs on their fleet, where their vehicles are and if there are any problems with them. Lynx routers provide the hub for vehicle systems such as telematics, automatic vehicle location and video surveillance, connecting these highly mobile vehicles with the operation while also providing WiFi access for passengers.

Field Maintenance/Services: Various industries have highly dispersed operations where field workers perform inspection, maintenance and other operational activities. Lynx routers extend both public carrier and enterprise networks wirelessly to where they are needed most. And with both satellite and mobile ad-hoc networking (MANET) options, nobody needs to be disconnected, ever.

High throughput performance enables in-vehicle mobile applications including multiple real-time streaming video cameras for connected video surveillance, intelligent Personal Area Network (PAN) and Vehicle Area Network (VAN) capabilities, connected Machine to Machine (M2M) sensors, telematics, analytics, location services, and secure cloud based applications.

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