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Don't let an obsolete part, obsolete your mission

Are you utilizing a design with a rich heritage of mission success and could no longer find the parts you need? In a world where it is critical to ensure high reliability parts will continue to be manufactured through the life cycle of launch vehicle and spacecraft programs, TCS Space & Component Technology’s obsolescence and life cycle management programs ensure design repeatability and follow-on program success.

We review your bill of materials and determine items that are approaching manufacturer end of life (EOL). We also locate alternate devices for obsolete items and provide the necessary screening to insure your high reliability application requirements are met.

The costs to re-design a system due to a part’s obsolescence or end of life can be devastating to a program’s schedule. Our Obsolescence Management program includes many areas of support:

  • Identify and document available tools and techniques for predicting obsolescence engineering
  • Research, compare, and benchmark various approaches to EEE parts obsolescence
  • Research and document data on decapsulate and repackaging companies and approaches as well as their procedures to maintain product reliability & quality assurance
  • Knowledge of predictive tools and methodologies comparison will aid EEE parts obsolescence evaluation for your projects
  • Improvement of maintenance, reliability schedule costs, and sustaining engineering
  • Extensive network of facilities that are licensed and authorized by manufacturers to provide a continuing manufacturing source for mature/discontinued product
  • Potential EEE parts obsolescence candidates’ database from ISS, SSP, and OSP

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