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Dr. Vagan Shakhgildian

President of the Commercial Group of Comtech EF Data & Comtech Xicom
Vagan Shakhgildian was named President of the combined Commercial Group of Comtech EF Data and Comtech Xicom in June 2021. He joined Comtech in March 2021, as part of the acquisition of Canada-based UHP Networks. As the CEO of UHP Networks, he led the company from a virtual start-up to a market leader in high-performance VSAT systems. Prior to that Dr. Shakhgildian was the President and COO of Advantech Wireless, Head of Research at Adaptive Broadband and held senior R&D positions with Motorola and Signal Processors. Dr. Shakhgildian holds advanced degrees in mathematics and electronic engineering, as well as an MBA from the London Business School.