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TCS Logo Usage

This information is provided to all media representatives and authorized TCS partners to explain the general requirements for use of a TCS logo.

Except as expressly authorized in writing by TCS, logo usage is restricted to what is outlined in these guidelines. Use of the logo indicates the user’s agreement to be bound by the guidelines, terms, and conditions as set forth herein.


 Correct usage of TCS logo and bug

Logo Color

Do not modify the color of the logo artwork.

Spot Color for Print

CYMK Values 
TCS Blue: C = 100%, M = 72%, Y = 0%, K = 32%
TCS Gold: C = 0%, M = 16%, Y = 100%, K = 0%

Clear Space Around Logos

In all media, the logo must be separated from all other elements (for example, company names, logos, or product names). The separation must be at least half the height of the logo. The one exception is for online uses. To accommodate for the space constraints in some webpages, online uses are allowed reduced clear space. 

Logo Size

The minimum reduction for the TCS logotype should not be smaller than: height: 3/8, width 1 11/16.

There are no maximum size restrictions. Large-scale uses require accurate enlargements and attention to retain the integrity of the signature.

Trademarks in Logo

The trademark symbol, ® for “registered”, is an integral part of the Enabling Convergent Technologies® line of the TCS logotype and may not be modified or removed.

Incorrect Logo Usage

The following examples demonstrate incorrect uses of the TCS logo.

Examples of prohibited TCS logo usage

Do not alter or distort the TCS logo in any way. This includes altering the size relationships of the logo elements, removing or reconfiguring elements of the logo, imposing the logo on a patterned or textured background, use special effects and filters, and changing the logo’s colors. Be particularly careful that the logo is not applied on background colors, patterns, or photographs that visually compete with the logo.

If you are not sure about an application of the TCS logo, please submit a request form.

Available TCS logo files

For permission to use the TCS logo, please submit a request form.


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